Monday, October 1, 2012

It Comes This Way!

Yesterday marked the release of the latest book to include one of my short stories, Buzz Books' new young adult horror collection, SOMETHING WICKED.  This is my second collaboration with Buzz Books and I'm thrilled to be a part of this project (just in time for Halloween too).

SOMETHING WICKED includes stories by authors Lena Brown, Heather Dearly, Mari Hestekin, Jenny Peterson, Kelly Parra, and me (I keep ending up being the only male in the group, which is fine with me!)

Have you ever thought about what social media (like Facebook) really represents? People, perhaps dozens or even hundreds of them, from all different aspects of your life, have a window into your world that they can gaze through any time they choose. It's as if all these people, some very familiar and some almost strangers to you, are all in the same room, all able to see into your daily life! That's a little weird if you really think about it, maybe even a little scary. That's the premise for my story, "Spectral Media."

I had a great time writing this story and I hope you'll all enjoy reading it and all the other stories in the book. Here are the links you can use to order SOMETHING WICKED.

On Amazon:

Directly from Buzz Books:

For the Amazon Kindle:

For the Barnes & Noble Nook:

And watch this blog for a special post related to this book this coming Saturday!

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